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We designed a simple solution for product teams to easily collaborate with us: no complicated contracts, expensive commitments, or misguiding planning.

One-off project

For projects with a fixed budget, timeline and scope. For a maximum of 8 to 10 weeks of work.
Great for new brands
Clearly defined milestones
Regular updates and check-ins
Project specific workshops
Fixed fee
Max. 10 weeks

Part of your team

For when you need a product designer that can help you with research, design, and the strategy of your product.
Hardcore product specialist
Integrated with your team
Cancel per two weeks
Simple contracts
Weekly fee
Min. 2 weeks

Mini product team

For when you have an idea that needs to be researched, designed, built, and tested from scratch.
One designer & developer
Great for testing new products
Both trained as product specialists
Research based development
Weekly fee
4 to 26 weeks
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Thierry Emmery
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